Post Test Update: Passed – On to Grade/Level 1 we go!

 - by admin

It was Monday last week when we trooped to Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow in Paranaque for my son’s retake on his Post-Test. We were pretty confident and hopeful that he will pass this time. His writing improved a great deal since his last exam.

I was actually expecting it to finish in a shorter period of time since it was only his writing that is going to be checked. I was mistaken, so as confident as I was that he will pass this time, with time seemingly to stand still, got me a little fidgety. It proved to be longer that it actually took. So I dove myself to work while waiting and work on a current creatine monohydrate research. Work actually helps me to relax, especially during such circumstances.

We have now ordered our First Grader PACES and we should start with it before the year ends! On to Grade 1 we go! ๐Ÿ™‚

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