Milestone: Our son graduates from Preschool with Ace and Christi w/ 2 awards!

The hubby and I are still beaming from ear to ear. When we had our son attend those graduation rehearsals, we were not expecting that he will graduate with awards. For one, we are homeschooling. So he is not up competing with other students. But I figured this is the purpose for LHA‘s requiring us to submit grades and for that oral testing that the kids had to go through previously (which was not announced). It being not announced makes for a perfect assessment. Because it will be able to determine if the parents who homeschool their kids keep up with the standard of the curriculum.

We can have the best curriculum in homeschooling, but if the parent or guardian, who will stand as the child’s teacher will not apply what is advised in the curriculum, the child will not be able to maximize the learnings he could get out of it. Here’s a fact: it is so easy to be complacent when you are homeschooling.  So unless a parent has the right reasons to homeschool a child, it is better to send them to a traditional school.

Best in Sound Recognition

When the host said that the first award was Best in Sound Recognition, I did have an inkling that it could be our son to get that award. The previous oral assessment was a give away when all the teachers were amazed by how our son’s timing and tone for every song he was asked to sing. (The Preschool with Ace and Christi curriculum makes use of music for every letter sound of the alphabet).  But then again, we cannot be so sure. It might always be that the other graduates did well as he did. So when he was called, we were not any less surprised, we were very pleased even.   So proud of our son. 😀

Most Number of Excellent Marks

Shortly after he received the award, he was called again to receive the award for having the Most Number of Excellent Marks.You could say that we were in cloud nine that time. The awards may not be such big a deal to many. But we were all first timers, so we cannot help it. We are so thrilled that we might just give our son one of the Disney vacations packages, if we weren’t saving up for something big. The Disney vacation would have to wait for later. We went over to the mall right after his graduation to get him a lego set. Too bad SM Marikina does not have it. But he’ll have it soon enough. 🙂

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  1. I’m so proud of Jed. You did a great job mommy Jen and daddy Jeff. Miss you a lot. Kisses from Gharemagne, Gina and Carlo.

  2. hello mommy, congratulations!!! 😀

    i was wondering is LHA accredited with DepEd?

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