Milestone: ABC’s with Ace and Christi Graduation

My son is done with ABC’s with Ace and Christi last year. We are, to date, towards the homestretch of our Level 1 Curriculum. But since we are homeschoolers, we have to wait for this time to be able to call it official and be handed the certificate of graduation. It is fun time for us as well for we get to meet fellow homeschoolers during their rehearsals and graduation ceremony.

Time flies fast. Seems like it was only yesterday when we celebrated Jed’s graduation from Preschool with Ace and Christi. While it is already a given that our family is sold out to School of ¬†Tomorrow‘s homeschooling curriculum, I just love how the Living Heritage Academy come up with such wonderful graduation program for us homeschoolers.

I feel that the heart warming program is designed to encourage us homeschoolers to press on. I don’t know how much better it’s going to be like. Because we were told during the graduation that next year’s program will be of the same format as to how they do it in School of Tomorrow.

That’s our giddy boy flashing his graduation certificate with sparkling eyes. All of this makes the challenges of homeschooling (which are not so much, if I may just emphasize) so worth it.

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