Mastering name writing

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It is a given that at five years old, our son has not yet perfected his fine motor skills. But this does not mean that we will not pursue practicing his writing skills by doing his usual exercises incorporated in his subjects. Fine motor skills are physical skills that involve the ability to make small muscle movements and to tightly control muscle movement like tying shoe laces or writing.

Whenever there is enough space, our son is able to write his full name. Above picture is the second Math PACE he has finished for Grade 1. It has a huge space, so he was able to squeeze all in save for his middle initial.

As for the PACES that has a small space provision, our son is only able to write his first name and surname. Can you imagine if our culture has carried over its former Spanish naming customs like having to write name as such romeo y julieta. It was the time when a person has two family names that he has to consistently use. It is also that of the Spaniards influence why a lot of our girls are named Maria and boys, Jose.

Moving on, as for our son’s penmanship. His is actually getting better by the day. t helps a lot that the curriculum that we use allows for a lot of practice in writing.

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