LHA is now Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow – Home Education Program

This homeschooling family were in Cambodia last March 30, 2012 when this great news arrived in my inbox!

Rev. Delbert Hooge announced during Living Heritage Academy’s (LHA’s ) Banquet/ Awards Night (March 30, 2012) that the home education program of the Philippine School of Tomorrow for elementary and high school levels have been accredited by the DepEd. LHA is now renamed as Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow – Home Education Program . Praise be to God!

My husband and I were thrilled to hear the news. We did miss the Banquet/Awards night because we were overseas. But we celebrated with our fellow homeschoolers using the School of Tomorrow curriculum, nonetheless. Living Heritage Academy’s not being accredited back then yet did not stop us from using it anyway as we homeschool our son. More than fancy contemporary wall mirrors and facilities of the more popular and traditional schools, we have always been more interested with the substance of the curriculum. Three years along and we are no less than sold out to School of Tomorrow’s system.

My thoughts go towards the fact that the School of Tomorrow curriculum has, from the start, been using the K-12 system. With our local traditional education going towards that system very soon might have preempted the School of Tomorrow’s homeschool program to be finally accredited by DepEd.

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  1. danellie:


    thank you for this blog… i have learned a lot and we also decided to homeschool our son using this curriculum.

    i would be happy too meet homeschooling families enrolled at SOT. is there a support group in the philippines for
    families using this curriculum?

    last july upon enrollment, i asked them about the accreditation but they said they are not yet accredited by the DepEd. hopefully you can give more info regarding this matter.

    i also would like to know if the PACEs will be returned to them for checking or will it just be the PACE tests that will be submitted before going on to the next level?

    how about diagnostic test? do they need to take this before entering the next grade level?

    sorry for the queries. i just feel comfortable asking these to you because you’ve been homeschooling using this curriculum for years…

    for now, my son insists that he still would want to study here at home for the next grade level. i know why my son wants here… he doesnt feel the pressure at all. and he is happy. but we still dont know when we are going to transfer him to a regular school.
    how about jed?

    i will greatly appreciate hearing from you soon…



  2. Marta L. Marquez:

    my daughter is supposed to be on grade 7 but does’nt want to go to school, I just wanted to inquire if my daughter can be enrolled in homeschooling

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