Level 3 Science Gravity Pull Experiment

Last week, one of the experiments our homeschooler did in his Science subject involved a ball and a flashlight. Here are the instruction:

Make a room very dark. Let someone hold a ball somewhere in the room. Let the ball stand for the moon. Now turn the flashlight so that it shines on the moon. The moon does not give off its own light. The moon shines because the sun shines on the moon.


Two times a day, a strange thing happens in the oceans and seas on earth. The waters of the oceans rise and fall. Rising and falling waters are called tides. Sometimes the tide waters arise very high.

What causes tides? What causes tide waters to rise and fall? The moon pulls on the earth. This pull causes the waters to rise and fall. Tides on earth are caused by the pull of the moon upon the earth.



Have you ever pulled and pull on something before? Were you able to move it toward you by pulling hard? This is the way the moon pulls upon the waters. The waters rise toward the moon as the moon pulls harder and harder. As the moon is not that great. Then the waters fall back down again.

I was actually finishing an online task, when the little guy helped himself with the experiment. I was surprised that he was speaking to himself inside his room closet. My little homeschooler does this a lot. Another time, I’d go see him in alpinestars jackets, doing some role playing act of being an astronaut or scientist.¬†As Jed is very independent, I mostly only supervise him to check his tests and some oral examination.

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