Jed’s name is on his PACE

Jed could not believe his eyes when he was doing one of his routines in our class. His name was on his PACE! He was giddy through and through!

The writing routine that is incorporated in his five subjects helps a great deal in improving his fine motor skills.

This writing exercise he did yesterday coincided with his recent fascination over things that rhyme.

“Ted met Jed on a red jet.”

And he was even more thrilled to see not just his name on his PACE but his favorite Ninong Ted’s name as well. This definitely spiced up this writing routine for him. 🙂

Approximately a month since he started with Level 1 and I have seen more improvements in his fine motor skills. It will only be a matter of time until he becomes expert on tying the laces of Ateliers Arthur shoes. Our homeschooler is growing up fast! 🙂

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