Jed reads The Boy Who Changed the World

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Whenever this little homeschooler would love to go playthe Wii Console or the XBox, he knows what he has to do before he can – read a book. More often than not I find him enjoying the  reading part that he gets one book after another from his library and totally forgetting about his wanting to play Wall-E game on the XBox.

But that is not exactly a scene that we have everyday. There are times too that he is all too wound up on the game console that he would forget that he can only play for 2 hours a day. There are times that as I do the things I do on my online tasks, writing about rv insurance quotes and finalizing reviews that I lose track of time. When that happens it sometimes becomes a challenge to detach him from his game.  but nothingWhat would usually work for us is I give him time and he psyches himself on it. A few times he’d try to throw a fit. But he knows better now. Because whenever he does, it would only mean that it is going to take him longer to go back to playing the console again.

This kind of discipline works for us. We have not had a major temper tantrum with this kid. More than the academic things he learns from homeschooling, we are praying that we will also be able to instill in him life skills. Taking responsibility for his actions and such. We love him dearly and we pray that the Lord will continue to guide us as to train him aright.

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