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It has been a while since I started hearing about Flip Video camcorders.  When we started homeschooling in 2009, it was the one thing I hope to have in hand to help us document our homeschooling journey. But when I checked if the HD model of Flip was already available in one of our local gadget stores, we were told that it wasn’t yet. What was then available was the SD model, if I remember right. As a newbie homeschooler then, I wanted to make use of something like Flip that can be handy for the times that I need document our homeschooling activities. If you happen to browse through my entries, I have a pretty large collection of uploaded homeschooling videos – from random lessons to milestones.

Here are a few of them:

Pledge of Allegiance to the Philippine Flag

Pledge Allegiance to the Christian Flag and The Bible

Jed Recites Psalm 100

Months of the Year

Abbie Antelope (2009)

Wrapping Up This Week’s Animal Story

English Pace Activity for the Day

Reviewing the Creation Drill

Learning About Responsibility

Jed’ First Day of Graduation Rehearsals

Bible Reading Time

English PACE activity (Preschool with Ace and Christi) 2009

Nightingale Reads “n” (2009)

Meet Oliver Ostrich (2009)

Word Building Lesson: Leonardo Lizard Story (excerpt) 2009

Our 5 year old Homeschooler Reads Monopoly Jr.

On Blending Words and Reading

Yes, we do have a pretty long list.  Incidentally, last November 16, Christian Homeschooler was invited to Cisco’s Flip Video launch. It gave us more than just a peek of what this compact of a gadget is capable of. The launch unveiled the affordable MinoHD and UltraHD. I have my eyes on the MinoHD (2hrs) has an internal memory of 8GB that supports 30 frames per second and sells for P9,995. This little handy gadget can easily be a blogger’s bestfriend, in my opinion.

The benefits of recording these homeschooling videos range from sentimental (reminisce) to the academic reason of being able to review the lessons we have previously learned. The Flip Video’s easy share capability is another story altogether. There is nothing not to love, just to be totally frank about it. I sure can make use of one even as I do our usual homeschooling business. 🙂

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