Homeschoolers at play

Last Friday was Jed’s third time to rehearse for their upcoming graduation (March 12). Their next will be on the 11th, the day before the graduation. It is a pretty long travel for us to have to go to PCST every time. With the heat and the now inefficient a/c of the car, we always come home short of having heat exhaustion. But we’re pressing on. A graduation is not something we get to witness very often and it is a milestone that our family is looking forward to being a part of.

Here is Jed with some of the homeschoolers during their 15 minute break. Jed easily makes friend and interestingly he seems to see people beyond their ages. Regardless if it is a kid or an adult. During their break, one of his fellow graduates asked Jed while they were in the see saw if he could be her new best friend and Jed asked her why she wanted him to be her new best friend and the girl readily answered, “Because you are the kindest.” Jed while he was busy playing said, “Wow, I like that!” And while I thought it all meant nothing to him, he talked about it days after their practice and even said, “Being kind to people is good.”

Seeing my son enjoy the company of other kids make me want to consider sending him to traditional school. As much as he enjoys tinkering with his closet of toys and all those favorite toy Ferrari parts, I know the importance of him being able to socialize with other kids his age is something that we also need to look into.  Our reason right now for keeping at this is Jed actually is able to socialize with other kids once a week at least in Sunday School and I think that will be it for now until we enroll him in either a Taekwondo class or a soccer clinic within the year. The percentage of kids having to endure bullying is close to 80% and we hope none of that at his developmental age.  We’ll see as we move along in this homeschooling journey. 🙂

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