An extended hiatus for our homeschooler

 - by admin

We still have not officially gone back to our homeschooling routine. This is because of the construction our house is currently undergoing. The holidays have come and gone pretty quickly for us even as it was generally spent transporting our furniture and our stuff from our house to our folks’s place.

Our homeschooler is done until his second pace for every subject in his Level 4 curriculum. We really are not in a hurry. What is more important is that he absorbs his lessons. Especially his Aralin Panlipunan and Filipino subjects, which our son finds a little challenging. At 7 years old, he is already advanced in the level he is currently in.

As our homeschooler carried his school office materials and his paces in his jansports backpacks and transported them to his temporary homeschool nook in the next three months, he was pretty excited as we adventure and  adjust in his new homeschool environment. 🙂

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