20 PACES down, 37 more to go

 - by admin

This homeschooler is officially done with his fourth pace for each subject. In less than a month, he has finished a total of 20 PACES. We are slowing down a bit even as we decided to make our Monday our day off from homeschool. It is also my husband’s day off, so we get to spend time together on Mondays. We hardly see him during the week. He is up to his neck with ministry work and teaching Bible class in Makati too.

Almost a month since we started and I can say that we have adjusted to our daily homeschool grind. We do miss the songs that go with the animal stories. Meanwhile, allow me to share a video I took of my son when we were on our way to the doctor first week of January when he got sick.  Blame it on his early exposure to karaoke songs. He loves singing. 🙂

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