Hello dear readers! Please know that I appreciate your visits to this site and my heart is glad even as I learn that this site has ministered to you in your quest to homeschool your child one way or another. While I might not be able to get back to each one of you, I’m hoping to have this page launched for your frequently asked questions.  I have noticed that most of you generally have the same concerns about homeschooling.

I will post in this page some links where your questions may be answered.  This way, I will not just be able to contribute and share with you individually but also allow others to benefit as well.  Please expect this page to be updated from time to time. I will try my best to answer more FAQs.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to request to have some other concerns answered.  Thank you and God bless you. 😀

—> Questions about homeschooling answered

—> School of Tomorrow Contact Details

—> SOT Curriculum’s 5 Laws of Learning

—> Umbrella Schools for homeschoolers

—> Ideal set up of a homeschool learning center 

—> Visualized Instruction in Preschool

—> Functions of the flags in our homeschooling routine

—> Some of our homeschooling videos

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  1. edwin manlapaz:

    we will be staying/living in shanghai china soon, we want to enroll him in homeschool, do you have on-line homeschooling? or other program for OFW families? thanx

  2. joan manantan:

    Hi! I am greatly blessed by your article. I am so impressed on how you get to manage everything. I have watched all of the videos of your child. I guess by now include me as one of your avid followers. My family and I are now in Qatar, after having vacation last April, I enrolled my 2 kids to SOT, too. My eldest is now in Level 3 and my youngest will be in ABC. If I have only known you before then, I would have ask to meet up with you. I really appreciate all the hard work you’d been doing. And I adore you for extending this medium as part of your ministry. Btw, if in any chance could you please give me a copy of PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE BIBLE AND FLAG? You are extremely blessed and highly favored. Thanks so much!

  3. admin:

    What affirmation and encouragement! Thank you Joan! You will find video for The Pledge of Allegiance to the the Bible and the Christian Flag here: http://www.christianhomeschooler.info/homeschool-routine/pledge-to-the-christian-flag-and-the-bible/

    I’m giving all the glory back to God for leading us to homeschool our son and for ultimately allowing us to be a channel of blessing to others even through this blog. May the Lord bless you and your family more, Joan! 🙂

  4. Patricia Loreno:

    I have a 14 year old autistic son who has attended mainstream classes in Cebu. I am very interested to enroll him in your homeschool programs available for their category. He was allowed to graduate elementary school last school year. Please let me know if you have any program for him and the means to enrol him. Thank you

  5. Leopoldo Pablo II:

    I am interested of how you train up your child, I am exited to know more of your Christian ways in teaching your kid so that I myself may be guided along my course for my 6 month old. Hope to hear more from you. Keep it up for God’s Glory.

  6. admin:

    @Patricia, please contact Living Heritage Academy shared on the above link in this FAQ page.

    @Leopoldo, thank you for the encouragement. Feel free to browse through previous entries. My husband and I also shared several articles on parenting and child care via http://www.marriageandbeyond.com/

    Thanks and God bless! 🙂

  7. maricris m. melgarejo:

    hi ma’m, i have a 10yr old daughter cancer survivor, she can’t go to regular school…..she’s been undergoing chemotherapy on pallative treatment… she finished preschool… im very interested to enroll her in homeschool for her not to be inferior….thank you so much

  8. Timothy G.:

    I appreciate the faith that God has given you and the work you are doing to educate your son at home. I am from the U.S. but have been in the Philippines (Marikina) for nearly three years now.

    I am looking towards homeschooling in the near future but haven’t ruled out some exposure to either public or private schools as I weigh the experiences that I want my children to have. But before I decide I want to make a more educated decision.

    Would you know if any resources that show the grade average for elementary and high-school students in the Philippines; thank you.

  9. Ces:

    Hi. I want to home school my daughter who is in gr 4 now. what are your requirements and what is your payment scheme and how much. Looking forward to hear from you.

  10. Gerelyn Eslao:

    Hi! I really love ACE curriculum. My daughter started her nursery with this kind. It’s brilliant! But we changed address. Can you help me locate an ACE school near ortigas-shaw? Thank you it will highly appreciated. God bless you more!

  11. Vanessa:


    I just saw your website and I got curious about the ACE program. I am currently on my first year homeschooling my daughter. She’s now in grade 3 and im thinking of transferring her to a different school

    Can you send me more information about School of tomorrow.
    Their curriculum, payment schemes or contact number.


  12. Timothy G.:

    I’m still pursuing this home schooling idea and thought I’d share three of the online educational resources that I’ve found and will be assessing.


    Of course these resources don’t cover the values education that I want to have, but I think it make “the job” just a bit more manageable.


  13. Anxious ma:

    My 13 year old autistic son recently graduated from grade 6. He joined that class for socialization but i believe he can do grade 2 level only. Can you send me info if he can enrol with you? Kindly include the schedule of fees as well
    Many thanks!

  14. Kathy:

    Please send me more info abt homeschooling. Thanks

  15. Teresa:

    Hello there!

    I am considering the possibility of homeschooling my daughter who will be entering Grade 6 this regular academic year.

    May I kindly request for information about School of Tomorrow’s enrollment schedules and requirements (for students living outside MM), curriculum, tuition and other fees, contact details, etc.

    Thank you.

  16. HAZEL:


  17. Timothy G.:

    To Hazel (and everyone else who has asked this question).

    Jen (the writer here at Christian Home Schooler) has done a great job of posting how to get started with the School of Tomorrow homeschooling program.

    Just click on the link here and you will be on your way to getting all of your questions answered.

    … Timothy

  18. dana:

    nice post, thank to share.

  19. Ana:

    Hi, I want to know more about homeschooling. My son is turning 4 this November and doesn’t want to go to school. Also, want to inquire how much your tuition fee is. Thanks

  20. TingG:

    Hi! Are you still enrolled in PCST homeschool program? How is it so far? I used to homeschool my 2 boys but didn’t push thru. I’m thinking of trying PACES. Would you recommend it?

  21. admin:

    Hi TingG! Yes, we still are homeschooling with PCST! Our son 10 years old now, halfway through Level 5 (PCST’s old Level 6 – adjustment due to the K-12 transition). A lot has happened and last year, he’s published a Juvenile Sci-Fi eBook on Amazon. 🙂


    We’re thorough enjoying homeschooling still and we highly recommend the School of Tomorrow program. 🙂

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