Gabay Guro’s Tribute on World Teachers Day

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Today, October 5, 2010 is World Teachers Day and last weekend I was privileged to witness PLDT- Smart Foundation’s Gabay Guro Tribute Concert Event for Teachers LIVE and LOUD.  As a licensed professional teacher myself, it felt good to be affirmed by an organization that appreciates what we do.  I’m sure that fellow teachers who were in the crowd felt more encouraged even as they remain faithful doing their teaching vocation. I may have but one child for a student, but the challenge is there. What more the thousands of teachers who choose to stay committed on a daily basis.

Gabay Guro offers training programs, with specialized courses for our nation’s heroes of education – the teachers.  It is very encouraging to know that foundations like that of PLDT-Smart’s Gabay Guro focus on the pillars of our country’s education.  As opposed to criticism like teachers very often get, this foundation is actually stepping up to make a difference in the lives of the teachers, which in the long run will allow for them to be more effective educators of our children.

Medwin of True Faith

Spearheaded by PLDT  Chairman Manny V. Pangilinan together with PLDT Finance Head Chaye Cabal and PLDT AVP/Head of PLDT myDSL Gary Dujali, have collaborated to provide teachers with a truly enriching experience. The LIVE and LOUD Concert allowed the teachers to take the center stage and be applauded for their jobs well done as well known entertainers like Rhian Ramos, True Faith, Jay Durias, et. al. performed for them.

Teachers across all ages enjoying the LIVE and LOUD Tribute Concert

Gabay Guro‘s vision this year is to educate more than 2,000 teachers nationwide. Aside from the regular English proficiency training sessions, the special training program known as the Teacher’s Treasure Chest: Golden Lessons for Effective Teaching, a one day seminar happened last last September that rolled out in four key areas: Manila (September 4), Davao (September 17), Cebu (September 20) and Cavite (September 29).  The program is focused on rekindling the passion the teachers have for their profession and learn very effective lessons that will enhance their skills on teaching.

Happy World Teachers Day!

Thousands of teachers were able to avail of these various training programs for free. Gabay Guro’s Teachers Tribute Card has also partnered with some establishments to give teahers more special treats and discounts.  This includes 25% off on PLDT myDSL plns, laptops for as low as P13,000 through PC Gilmore, et. al. For teachers who would like to know more about Gabay Guro and its programs and privileges, head on over to for details. Happy World Teachers Day to fellow educators!

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