Milestone: Our 8yo homeschooler learned to swim on his own!

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During our recent family getaway in Plantation Bay in Cebu, our homeschooler learned to swim on his own! We initially planned to have to avail of the swimming lesson for kids in the resort just like last year. Considering last year the boy was wailing half the time Lifeguard Vincent was teaching him. He was plain crazy scared of drowning and no matter how often we visit pools and beaches, he’d just play in the water but he won’t hear of learning how to swim at all.

Jed learns to swim at Kilimanjaro freshwater pool (resized)

That was until I talked to him about the importance of knowing how to swim. After that Ondoy flooding in 2009, we wanted to be more vigilant. After seeing a video clip of a baby swimming, he reluctantly said yes. But as we randomly talk about it the weeks previous our Plantation Bay getaway, he was no longer as reluctant.

My husband told me that he tried teaching him while they were in Kilimanjaro pool but the boy was too scared. Hubby then decided to just let him be. He just swam close to where he was and as our son knows the basics of bubbles, he saw him trying to swim on his own. I came to the pool amazed! He totally took it after his father since Jeff also learned how to swim on his own around the same age.

Jeff and Jed at Kilimanjaro

And as if learning to swim on his own was not enough. The same day, our homeschooler conquered his fear of slides! It may not sound much but from our similar issues with heights and slides and my sporty and fit hubby getting frustrated at us every time, I never thought I’d go sliding myself (in all my 36 years). All because I was embarrassed to be so fearful when my 8 year old looked like he was having the time of his life. Haha! He went up and down the slide until the sun was down. Read this article »

The day our homeschooler got baptized

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My son prayed and invited Jesus in his heart as his personal Lord and Savior in January 20, 2010. He was 4 years old then. If you are not familiar what this means, you might want to check this out –> Four Spiritual Laws. And because we wanted to be sure he really understands what it means to be saved and to accept Jesus in his heart, we stayed put and waited.  Several times, during their regular talks my husband got convinced along the way, that our little guy indeed understands.  We knew that he is ready to be baptized. 🙂

Baptism is a willing pledge made by those who recognize their sin, understand the significance of the death of Christ and commit themselves to Him. Check mark on every count for this homeschooler. Read this article »

Our 5 year old homeschooler is now a yellow-belter

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This sure is turning out to be a real interesting phase for all of us. Being enrolled in Karate class since October 2010, we are not sure when our 5 year old homeschooler will be promoted to yellow belt. As far as we can see see, he is, for the most part, still into a lot of playing. Apparently, there are things we do not know beyond what we see him do during his Karate class and we are more than thrilled. 🙂

He is the youngest in the first batch of white-belters to take the examination for the promotion. It’s just so fun watching him do all these basics and kata.  During his regular Karate class, we are not allowed inside the dojo. We only get to see what they do through the glass partitioned room.

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